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AdvanSoft Cloud practice metamorphoses applications, business processes, and infrastructure management with a comprehensive suite of services. Public, private, and hybrid cloud environments are supported by our analytical and artificial intelligence-driven automation.

We take an enterprise-centric approach to cause transformation across applications, data, and infrastructure. We help to transfigure your IT in a highly responsive and effective landscape by just codifying its complexity with software and process engineering, before leveraging an expert mix of on premise infrastructure, public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Be a cloud-first organization

Many enterprises rely heavily on traditional IT, while most enterprises are using the cloud services tactically, such as in development and testing. The pace of cloud adoption is often constrained by not having a clear business case, not defining a comprehensive organizational transformation plan, or a failure to identify the risks accurately.

We will design, implement, and manage your cloud estate to provide fast, attainable results that align with your transformation goals with the help of our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Whether you are yet to start or have already started your cloud migration, the right partner can expedite your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you are yet to start or have already started your cloud migration, the right partner can expedite your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Be more agile and flexible
  2. Ameliorate business and IT performance
  3. Adapt to a rapidly changing digital world

Plan Your Trip to the Cloud

We produce a cloud strategy that enables digital transformation with:

Cloud Business Vision: Align your cloud strategy with business objectives to generate a compelling target end-state

Cloud Value Case: Identify the costs and benefits of the next stage of your journey to the cloud

Cloud Roadmap: Plot your journey through the options and activities needed to deliver the end-state

Cloud Transformation Plan: Identify the associated organizational changes and skills needed to set free the true potential of cloud.

Mapping your path of relentless disruption

Your journey to cloud must navigate pitfalls and opportunities that are quirky to your business. That makes plotting out a clear strategy and making ready your organization mandatory to achieving your business goals.

Cloud technologies are accelerating the pace of change and easing the new ways of doing business. In order to invigorate competitive advantage, you can’t start with technology. Your cloud computing strategy must address business imperatives and opportunities that are particular to your industry, your business, and your team’s requirements. It’s about mapping a path of continuous transformation that is as singular as your company—and that sets the stage for the organization you plan to want.

Our cloud strategy & readiness services help you recognize the challenges you face in your cloud journey—from regulatory compliance to internal integration to adoption barriers. We also focus on discovering opportunities afforded by cloud technologies—reduced costs, new ways of working, the ability to sunset inactive legacy systems. We do this over four abilities: cloud strategy & business case development, improvise business model, readiness assessment & preparation, and cloud native process and organization.

As needs are identified, we draw from a deep bench of domain specialists who advise beyond the technical, enabling your team to see possible solutions through the lenses of finance, risk, marketing, human capital, procurement—you name it. What eventually we get from the process is a cloud computing strategy and cloud readiness assessment that accounts for a wide range of variables, and then helps solve for you.

Why Choose AdvanSoft Cloud Platform

We aid organizations to administer a hybrid cloud estate with multiple providers, migrate workloads to the cloud, and develop new services natively in the cloud – while avoiding lock-in to any one vendor, or the platform itself.


Are You Cloud Ready


  • Evaluate your application portfolio and optimize your migration plan
  • With our industrialized migration methodology, de-risk the migration of your workloads
  • Modernize applications for cloud environments by refactoring, rewriting, or co-innovating with clients


  • With our advanced-user portal, take control of your cloud and legacy estate
  • Leverage our comprehensive managed services and operations center to administer workloads consistently
  • With our advanced integration solution, integrate cloud into your existing services


  • Accelerate business velocity and improve speed to market using our ready-to-go fully automated cloud services and accelerators
  • With a DevOps and agile approach, we enable the delivery of digital, cloud, regulation and cyber use-cases
  • Using APIs, we unlock the data held in your business and create new innovative business services

Using APIs, we unlock the data held in your business and create new innovative business services

  • Business model disruption: Perspective and strategic advisory on how newly developed technologies such as cloud create opportunities to fundamentally impact both current and future-state business models.
  • Cloud strategy & business case:
    • Detailed cloud computing strategy and risk assessment for cloud (e.g., business models, applications, infrastructure);
    • Target application platform identification; target-state cloud road map, architecture, and vision definition;
    • Articulation of the road map, business case, and financial advantage/impact for cloud adoption.
  • Readiness assessment & preparation:
    • Technical requirement identification,
    • Cyber security evaluation,
    • Current-state workload analysis,
    • Business and technology process assessment,
    • Employee skills assessment,
    • Road map development to make the processes, people, and technology to adopt cloud.
  • Cloud native process & organization: Full process re-engineering leveraging agile, DevOps, infrastructure as code, and IT automation to create a new model for delivering technology to clients.

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