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We are one of the best staffing service provider across India providing the most advanced and professional processes of hiring for IT as well as Non IT companies. We manage end-to-end staffing requirements and add value to your business with our tailor-made staffing solutions.

We provide top-quality and corporate-centric staffing solutions. The resources provided by us are the best for companies, which will help them to find skilled people to drive business performance and meet the workforce fluctuations. We provide adept candidates in every industry and at all levels by respecting the time, energy, and money of our clients. Our staff are adept to find and deliver talented individuals with the right skills and experience pertaining to the positions. To find the right talent for the company and its business demands, we use client-specific strategies. We maintain all the records of the candidate, whom we have contacted for the job, in our internal database.

At AdvanSoft, our staffing team not only allows you to respond to specific IT skills but also takes into account all of the procedures related to staff management such as background check, candidate identification, skills review, etc., enabling you to focus on your core business. We focus in building long-term relationships with our clients and consultants. Our staffing team identify and deploy the right talent to meet company’s resourcing needs.

Benefits of Staffing Services

  • Enable management to better plan and innovate across the business.
  • Introduce naive skills to the business
  • Eliminate the constant burden on precious IT resources
  • Reduced operational and recruitment costs
  • Tasks can be finished faster and to a higher standard
  • Outsourced staff can give organizations more time to strengthen their core business processes
  • Augmented professionals have the technical expertise required to provide an outstanding service

Services Scope

Contract professional recruiting
Permanent Recruiting

Contract professional recruiting

We at AdvanSoft knows that sometimes you need the flexibility of a contract, long- or short-term resource or team to augment your regular staff, work on special projects or during times of peak needs.

AdvanSoft’s specialized professional recruiting can find the right skills, experience, and work engagement to meet your needs. Flexible, contract workers are tenured professionals, many who prefer to work in the gig-economy on different projects. We also have team of professionals ready to go, or we can find the accurate team for your project. AdvanSoft’s specialized contract recruiting comes from our focus on specialty practice areas where our experts recruit and vet talent for our customers. These are technology people talking to technology people. You can be sure that they know their work before they step foot in your building or start on your project. As we know flexibility, contract professional recruiting provides a great way to get talent into your organization.

Finding great talent is about finding the exact fit. The professional recruiting staff at AdvanSoft can find you the right skills and help you fully evaluate the talent and the fit.

Permanent Recruiting

AdvanSoft knows the way of recruiting and that includes finding people who want to work for you directly as your employee.

Now you already know about AdvanSoft’s project teams and specialized recruiting for short- or long-term assignments. But as we network with adept professionals, we work to fill your permanent jobs within your organization. Sourcing, screening, and presenting candidates that meet your requirements for direct positions in any of our technology skill areas is done in an effective manner by our recruiting team.

Why not leverage a leader in recruiting with either occasional or on-going needs for direct hires?

Leveraging recruiting resources of AdvanSoft for permanent hiring can augment your internal HR efforts, or help with key hiring efforts.

AdvanSoft knows that sometimes you need the flexibility to try-before-you-hire, or time to ramp up new employees. Specialized recruiting of AdvanSoft for short- or long-term assignments can also end in a permanent placement with your company.

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